Contraption XIII: In Which Motor Fights Operator for its Electrical Sustenance

7x7x8 ft.

Wood, cast iron, steel, extension cord, motor


Sometimes, I imagine what I would want if I were a machine.  I imagine how I would “eat” electricity like food.  I think about how unhappy I would be if someone tried to take my electricity away from me.

Here, I created a machine that defends its own “food” source.  The machine has two arms, one holding an extension cord, and the other holding its own plug.  The viewer is presented with a crank that controls the arms; turning it one direction brings the arms together, plugging the machine in, and turning it the other direction does the opposite.  However, when the machine is plugged in, a motor turns on, working against the crank.  As a result, it is twice as difficult to unplug the machine as it was to plug it in.